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Jogger Scrubs vs Regular Scrubs: What’s the Difference and Which Style is Right For You?

Jogger Scrubs vs Regular Scrubs

You might think scrubs are all the same, but actually, there are a lot of different styles to choose from today! From tapered to fitted to regular scrubs, you can choose scrubs that suit your style, keep you comfortable, and align with your institution’s uniform requirements. 

One style of scrubs that’s becoming more and more popular is jogger scrubs. But what exactly are these, and why are they taking the healthcare industry by storm? Today we’ll explore jogger scrubs vs regular scrubs to help you choose which style is best for you.

Here at Poppy Scrubs, we absolutely adore jogger styles for their versatility and comfort levels, especially as the weather starts to heat up. If you’re ready to try this style for yourself, you can meet your new favorite jogger scrubs right here - we have an amazing selection for you!

Overview of Regular Scrubs

Until fairly recently, there wasn’t a lot of variation when it came to scrub styles. Everyone pretty much wore the same scrub pants, with a drawstring waist, and zero shape through the leg. These scrubs were designed to fit everyone, but the reality is that they rarely fit anyone!

Although functional, regular scrubs tend not to be flattering, especially for women and those on the smaller side. The pants are often too baggy, slip and slide throughout the shift, and are sometimes even dangerously long and can be a tripping hazard. Thankfully, things have changed!

Overview of Jogger Scrubs

Jogger scrubs are a breath of fresh air! These fashionable scrubs are inspired by the athleisure trend and have a tapered, fitted silhouette with elasticized cuffs around the ankle. They give a sporty, professional look, and they couldn’t be more comfortable. 

Because they’re more shapely (without being tight), these are among the best fitting scrubs for petites, with the ankle cuff ensuring you’re not tripping over pants that are too long or baggy. They’re one of the best scrubs for women because they actually have some shape to them!

Plus, jogger scrubs look a lot like regular athletic joggers, which is great if you’re wearing scrubs in public or wondering how to wear scrubs fashionably - after a shift, you just look like everyone else on the street! 

Jogger Scrubs vs Regular Scrubs: Which Style is Right For You?

We love jogger scrubs, but we understand that they might not be for everyone. So, when it comes to jogger scrubs vs regular scrubs, what’s the best choice for you? Let’s take a look at some of the factors to keep in mind when you’re comparing different types of scrubs

Considering Your Workplace Environment

The first thing to consider is the type of workplace you’re in. For example, if you’re constantly moving, you need to think about what material scrubs are made of and choose something lightweight and breathable. 

Or, if you’re in an environment where spills are common, the first question you have to answer before buying new core scrubs is “are scrubs waterproof?” Whether you choose jogger scrubs vs regular scrubs, make sure they suit your specific working conditions. 

Assessing Movement and Comfort Needs

Another step in choosing between jogger scrubs vs regular scrubs is to think about how much you have to move while you’re on the job. If you work in a fast-paced setting that requires constant movement and agility, jogger scrubs might be the best option. 

For those working in emergency departments or surgical suites, jogger scrubs offer the flexibility and mobility you need to do your job. On the other hand, if you work in a more relaxed environment where mobility is less of a concern, you might prefer regular scrubs.

Personal Style and Professional Requirements

Your unique style also matters. If you’re on the sportier side (and especially if you already wear joggers when you’re not working), you might find jogger scrubs the best choice, and might even have some ideas on how to look good in scrubs if you regularly include joggers in your outfits. 

On the flip side, if you prefer a more traditional look, traditional scrubs might be the best choice for you. Also, you need to think about your workplace’s guidelines - some have strict uniform rules, or don’t allow jogger scrubs as they may leave your ankles exposed, which can be a hygiene hazard. 

The Maintenance and Longevity Side of Things

One thing’s for sure - premium scrubs need to be built tough. As long as you’re investing in high-quality scrubs, both jogger scrubs vs regular scrubs should be durable enough to stand the test of time. 

Invest in scrubs that can withstand thousands of wash cycles as well as everything that you throw at them along the way. Also, learn how to wash scrubs to preserve their integrity, color, and to keep those soft scrubs comfortable!

So, Should You Wear Joggers or Regular Scrubs?

While more and more people are switching to jogger scrubs, there’s a reason why regular scrubs have stood the test of time. Both scrub styles have a lot to offer, so it’s ultimately down to what you’re comfortable in, what suits your style, and what aligns with your institution’s uniform rules. 

Think about how should scrubs fit for your specific role, consider practicality factors like what to wear under scrubs, and don’t stop searching until you’ve found cute scrubs you feel both confident and comfortable in. 

Why Not Try Both and See Which You Prefer?

The good news is that you don’t actually have to choose between jogger scrubs vs regular scrubs! You can invest in both styles (you’ll need multiple pairs of scrub pants for women anyway) and see which ones you prefer. 

You may even find that you like to mix it up and wear jogger scrubs on the days when you’re prioritizing comfort and moving around more, or sticking to regular scrubs when it’s cooler and you want more coverage on your ankles and lower legs. 

Whether You Prefer Joggers or Regular Scrubs, You Can Elevate Your Workwear With Poppy Scrubs!

Here at Poppy Scrubs, we have luxury scrubs to suit any style or preference, including both jogger scrubs and regular scrubs. Our waterproof scrubs are the #1 choice for healthcare professionals looking for comfortable, durable, practical scrubs that actually fit!

The Poppy Scrubs Difference

Designed by a nurse, Poppy Scrubs have reinforced pockets in all the right places. Our stretchy scrubs are made from the most comfortable, wrinkle-resistant fabric you’ve ever felt, and our no-slip waistband means you won’t be constantly making adjustments all day. 

Why do nurses wear scrubs from Poppy? Because these scrubs work as hard as you do! Our scrubs go through 10,000 hours of fit testing to make sure they can keep up with you, and our durable materials and careful construction mean you won’t be replacing these any time soon. 

So, whether you’re looking for the best jogger scrubs or comfortable traditional scrubs that fit properly, look no further than Poppy Scrubs. And, as you’re about to find out, we couldn’t have a better selection of fade-proof colors for you to choose from!

Our Most Popular Colors and Styles

If you’re a fan of traditional colors like hunter green scrubs, burgundy scrubs, royal blue scrubs, ceil blue scrubs, or navy blue scrubs, you’ll love our vibrant shades. If you want something a bit more unique, check out our purple scrubs, black scrubs, and charcoal scrubs

Keep in mind that some institutions have regulations around scrub colors and their meaning - make sure you understand who wears green scrubs, who wears black scrubs, what color scrubs do nurses wear, and the meaning behind galaxy blue vs royal blue scrubs before making your choice.

As well as having a selection of different scrub pant styles, we have a wide range of scrub tops for women, with different cuts, fits, and colors depending on your style. Like our pants, our scrub tops are designed with durable materials, functional pockets, and soft, breathable materials. 

Bringing Our Comparison of Jogger Scrubs vs Regular Scrubs to a Close

Traditional scrubs have stood the test of time, but new options like jogger scrubs are making it easier for healthcare workers to find scrubs that suit their style, bring added comfort, and fit better than the baggier, straight-leg options. 

When it comes to choosing between jogger scrubs vs regular scrubs, it’s really up to you and depends on what you’re most comfortable in. As long as you’re investing in quality, well-made, breathable scrubs like you’ll find here at Poppy Scrubs, both styles will help you get the job done! 

Given the long hours you spend in your scrubs, don’t settle for second best - shop premium jogger and regular styles at Poppy Scrubs today! 

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