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PRN Advice

How do I make my scrubs look good?

Whether you’re in the medical field, financial industry or legal sector, irrespective of your profession, everyone deserves to look and feel good. Even though nurses have to wear scrubs to...

Scrubs: how best to wear them?

We understand that taking care of others can sometimes mean you don't have time (or energy) to take for yourself. Scrubs feel like pajamas (and they should!), but that doesn’t mean you...

Why do nurses wear scrubs?

I think we can all agree that over the past 100 years scrubs have evolved immensely. From dresses with caps and tights (no thanks!) to rough, scratchy, baggy standard issue scrubs, and...

Why do Nurses Wear V-Neck Scrub Tops?

Have you ever wondered why today’s scrubs mostly come in v-neck designs? Well, we’ve taken time to find out why. Besides functionality, there are numerous reasons why scrubs are better with...

Wearing Scrubs in Public

The debate about going out in the public with your scrubs has been around for a long time especially among medical professionals. While the real answer to this question might...

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