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How do I make my scrubs look good?

How do I make my scrubs look good?

Whether you’re in the medical field, financial industry or legal sector, irrespective of your profession, everyone deserves to look and feel good. Even though nurses have to wear scrubs to work, we think you can still look good, and feel even better. Here are some hacks to look the best you can in your scrubs. 

Make sure you have the right size. Just like with any clothes you buy, make sure you get the scrubs that fit your body size. Wearing the right size will make you more comfortable, confident and good looking. There are so many varieties of styles and fits of scrubs, you should be able to find something that works in your size and for your body shape. Avoid buying scrubs too big, or too small for your body, as this will make you look unprofessional and sloppy. 

Get the right scrubs for your body type. The easiest way to look good is to find something that makes you feel comfortable and put together. Scrubs come in many different styles and fits, so it’s also important to consider what works best for you and your size and body type. If you’re concerned about being busty or built up top, you should look for scrubs with an open collar or V-neck in darker solid colors. This will provide a more slimming look, and make you feel more confident. If you're fuller in the bottom, try long tops that skim over the hips, and a pant that accentuates your curves. You might find that you like more of a traditional straight-leg scrub pant. If you're bothered by being too slim, or flat chested, look for smocked, ruffled or gathered tops. Tops with embellishments can help to give you a more feminine shape. In general, buy scrubs the way you would buy normal clothes. If you know what style and colors work on your body type, this will translate into your scrubs too. 

Make sure you wear colors that compliment you. Wear colors that compliment your complexion. If you're unsure what colors these may be, try holding the garment up near your face. If you feel that the color brightens your face, then its a good one for you! If you feel that you look pale or flat, maybe try a different color choice. If you like to wear patterns in your everyday clothes, try some patterned tops with solid bottoms. It's also good to look at a color wheel to see which color compliment each other. Generally speaking, Reds and greens, oranges and blues, and yellows and purples pair well with each other. 

Find ways to personalize your scrubs. Adding some personal touches to your scrubs can help make you feel more put together and individual in your uniform. You could consider embroidering your name and department on your scrub top. Choose a color that has enough contrast from the scrub top you are embroidering on, and avoid embroidery on printed tops. It is possible to do too much, and you want to make sure if you are embroidering that the font and color is clear against a solid contrasting background. You can add pins to your badge or your scrubs to add a little flare too. Always remember to check your institutions dress code, and make sure you comply.  

Mix up the colors. Most scrubs come in pairs of top and pants, however, there’s no rule that says you must wear them together. Get creative by matching different tops with different pants. Again, going to the color wheel to see what colors go well together can help you to do this. Also consider wearing a printed top with solid bottoms, or a fun vibrant color pant with a black or white top. 

Last, but not least, the hair. Your hairstyle says a lot about you and your style. Experiment with some fun hairstyles for work. Consider braids instead of the tired old pony tail, or get some fun scrunchies. Remember- patient care is always first, and you don't want your hair falling into an open wound, or a pool of blood, so if it's long, please wear it back.

At Poppy Scrubs, we know your scrubs have to withstand a lot of wear and tear. That’s why we launched women’s scrubs in eight of the most popular colors found in healthcare facilities: charcoalburgundyceil blueroyal bluehunter greennavypurple, and black. Our tops come in two styles and our bottoms come in three, including the popular jogger style. Go ahead and complete the set!

Our scrubs are made from soft, flexible fabric that's also liquid repellent and comes equipped with plenty of pockets to store what you need. They’re designed by real nurses, for any caretaking profession. Read our rave reviews here.

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