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Why do nurses wear scrubs?

Why do nurses wear scrubs?

Why do nurses wear scrubs?

I think we can all agree that over the past 100 years scrubs have evolved immensely. From dresses with caps and tights (no thanks!) to rough, scratchy, baggy standard issue scrubs, and now to more fitted and flattering scrub styles. So, why scrubs? There are many beneficial reasons why every healthcare worker wears them:

IDENTIFICATION. Imagine trying to decipher who's-who in a large hospital with patients, visitors, and tons and tons of healthcare workers. Wearing scrubs can help people who don't work in the hospital identify people who do. In some institutions, each member of the interdisciplinary team wears a different color of scrubs to help others identify their role on the team. For example, nurses might wear green while physical therapists wear blue, and doctors wear grey. Some hospitals require different color scrubs based on the unit you work on. Entire staff of the maternity unit might wear pink, while in the ICU everyone wears grey. 

EASY ACCESSIBILITY. Most scrubs are designed with many pockets that provide easy access to supplies. Nurses and other medical professionals have to carry many things around with them, and having lots of pockets means you have a place for everything. 

YOU CAN TELL WHEN THEY'RE DIRTY (ew). Generally speaking, scrubs are made in solid colors. This is to help medical professionals see if their clothes are soiled. It is important for healthcare workers to be able to notice spills and splashes on their scrubs, so they can avoid exposure to pathogens, bodily fluids, and harmful chemicals that might be harbored and spread via their clothes.

SCRUBS ARE STURDY. The hospital can be a messy environment, and nurses and other medical professionals can get dirty. At work, the focus should be on the patient, and not keeping your work-wear clean and free of wrinkles and spots (It's inevitable, they're going to get dirty and sweaty). Its important that the clothes that are worn in these environments are sturdy and can withstand many washes and wears. Scrubs are built to last, and be functional and look professional for a long time. 

COMFORT. Most scrubs are made out of a cotton blend (and some have a little stretch), and this makes them comfortable for everyday wear. Working 12 hour days can be tiring, and you don't need your scrubs chaffing and rubbing and wrinking and staning and riding up! You deserve a comfortable pair of scrubs, so you can focus on what you do best, saving lives. 

At Poppy Scrubs, we know your scrubs have to withstand a lot of wear and tear. That’s why we launched women’s scrubs in eight of the most popular colors found in healthcare facilities: charcoalburgundyceil blueroyal bluehunter greennavypurple, and black. Our tops come in two styles and our bottoms come in three, including the popular jogger style. Go ahead and complete the set!

Our scrubs are made from soft, flexible fabric that's also liquid repellent and comes equipped with plenty of pockets to store what you need. They’re designed by real nurses, for any caretaking profession. Read our rave reviews here.

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