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Different Types of Scrubs Uniforms for Nurses, Doctors, and Other Healthcare Professionals

Different Types of Scrubs

It’s true - most healthcare workers wear scrubs. But have you noticed just how many different types of scrubs there are? From classic unisex scrubs to the best fitting scrubs for petites, finding your perfect scrubs can feel like a full-time job! 

It’s important to understand the different styles of scrubs, though. Ending up with the wrong cut or style can make each arduous shift feel that little bit longer - not what you want when you’re trying to focus on caring for patients and staying focused on the job. 

In this guide, we’ll talk you through the different types of scrubs, helping you choose a style that suits your taste, needs, and preferences. And, because we know healthcare workers don’t have time to mess around, we’ll cut to the chase right away - you can find the best selection at Poppy Scrubs!

Whether you’re looking for premium waterproof scrubs, the best scrubs for women, or wondering how to look good in scrubs, Poppy Scrubs can make it happen! Join us as we explain the different types of medical scrubs and help you find the right style of premium scrubs

The Role of Scrubs in the Workplace

Before we start discussing scrub types, what role do scrubs actually play? Firstly, scrubs are designed with functionality in mind. Their loose-fitting, comfortable design makes it easy to move, crucial if you’re navigating hectic hospital corridors or bending over patients for extended periods.

Plus, the fabric from which scrub pants for women and scrub tops for women are typically made is chosen because it’s durable and easy to clean, both essential qualities in an environment where hygiene is so important. 

Why do nurses wear scrubs, along with doctors and other healthcare workers? Scrubs serve as a visual marker of professionalism - their standardized appearance helps to create a sense of unity among healthcare teams, and it makes it easy for patients to identify staff as needed. 

What are the Different Types of Scrubs for Nurses, Doctors, and Other Healthcare Professionals?

Knowing your options and finding scrubs styles that work for you is the first step toward comfort and confidence on the job. So, what different scrub types are out there, and what are the most popular scrubs styles for nurses? Here are some of the different types of scrubs uniforms you can choose from. 

Traditional Scrubs

Traditional scrubs feature a classic design characterized by a loose, unisex fit with a V-neck or round-neck top and drawstring or elastic waist pants. These core scrubs offer comfort and ease of movement, making them one of the best scrubs styles for nurses and other healthcare professionals.

However, one problem with traditional scrubs is that they’re sort of designed to fit everyone, which means they can end up fitting nobody. You might find that traditional scrubs are unflattering, boxy, or just downright uncomfortable, and often not the most fashionable scrubs out there.

Jogger Scrubs

Jogger scrubs are one of the more modern scrub types, and offer a newer take on traditional scrubs with a modern, tapered silhouette. These scrubs typically feature a fitted top and jogger-style pants with elastic cuffs at the ankles.

If you’re wearing scrubs in public or wondering how to wear scrubs fashionably, jogger scrubs are a great choice - they often look like smart athleisure, providing a contemporary look without sacrificing comfort. Jogger scrubs are quickly becoming one of the most popular scrubs styles for nurses. 

Fitted Scrubs

Fitted scrubs are tailored to provide a more form-fitting silhouette compared to traditional scrubs styles. Fitted scrubs often feature princess seams, darts, or other shaping techniques to flatter the wearer's figure while maintaining comfort and mobility.

If you’re looking for cute scrubs that don’t feel boxy, fitted scrubs are a great choice. If you’re often cold at work and are wondering what to wear under scrubs for an extra layer of warmth, you might prefer a looser cut. 

Specialized Scrubs

Specialized scrub types are designed with specific roles or tasks in mind. For example, surgical scrubs may feature antimicrobial fabric, while scrubs for pediatric workers may have bright colors and patterns. If you have highly specific needs, it’s best to find scrubs designed for that exact purpose.

Gender-Specific Scrubs

Gender-specific scrubs are tailored to fit the anatomical differences between men and women. How should scrubs fit differently for men and women? Women's scrubs may feature darts or shaping to accommodate curves, while men's scrubs typically offer more room in the chest and shoulders.

Petite and Tall Scrubs

If you fall into the “petite” or “tall” categories, you’ll know the struggle of finding clothes that fit properly. Luckily, many manufacturers make different scrub types to account for this. Petite scrubs feature shorter inseams and sleeves, while tall scrubs offer longer proportions.

Plus Size Scrubs

Plus-size scrubs are specifically designed to fit people with larger proportions comfortably. These scrubs may feature extended sizes, adjustable waistbands, and other design elements to ensure a flattering and comfortable fit for plus-size healthcare heroes.

Maternity Scrubs

Like other maternity clothes, maternity scrubs are tailored to accommodate the changing shape of a pregnant body. These scrubs often feature stretch panels, adjustable waistbands, and extra room in the abdomen to provide comfort and support throughout pregnancy.

A Word on Various Scrubs Colors

As well as all the different scrub types, you’ll see that scrubs come in a variety of different colors. You can find everything from traditional shades like ceil blue and surgical green to more vibrant hues and prints. 

While some healthcare facilities may have specific color-coding systems for different departments or roles (learn who wears green scrubs, who wears black scrubs, and what color scrubs do nurses wear), others offer more flexibility in color choice. 

No Matter Which Scrub Types You’re Looking for, Poppy Scrubs is Your One-Stop Shop!

At Poppy Scrubs, we have all the different scrubs styles you’re looking for! We have several different types of scrubs uniforms, including both tops and bottoms available in a selection of sizes and cuts. Plus, our scrub pants are available in two different lengths to ensure an even better fit. 

What Separates Our Scrubs Styles From the Rest?

At Poppy Scrubs, it’s not just our versatile types of medical scrubs that set us apart. It’s also the care and attention that goes into crafting each individual set of scrubs. From the material we use to the flattering cut of each of our scrubs styles, Poppy settles for nothing but the best. 

Our stretchy scrubs are made from an incredible 4-way stretch fabric. Combined with our yoga-style, no-slip waistband, you’ll be more comfortable than ever in our luxury scrubs, and won’t spend any more time readjusting your uniform each time you bend or reach.

Our breathable, water-repellent, soft scrubs are also the most durable on the market - we’ve put them through more than 10,000 hours of wear testing to make sure they’re as good at their job as you are at yours. These are scrubs that won’t need replacing any time soon! 

Tips on Choosing the Perfect Scrubs

When it comes to choosing the right scrubs for you, it’s important to take a second to learn about our different scrubs styles. For example, when it comes to scrub tops, our Wilder top has two reinforced breast pockets, while our Caswell model has waist pockets. 

In terms of our pants, the Bodie offers a classic, relaxed leg fit, while the Pfeiffer is more tapered below the knee. Our Hatton is a jogger-style pant, with ankle cuffs for a sporty look. Whichever style you choose, you’ll be amazed by the comfort of our soft, moisture-wicking materials! 

As well as our different types of scrubs for nurses and other medical professionals, we also have an unbeatable selection of fade-proof colors to choose from. Whether you’re a traditionalist or looking to add a bit more flair to your uniform, there’s something for you here: 

You can also check out this guide on how to wash scrubs to keep your wrinkle-proof scrubs bright and vibrant, even after hundreds of wash cycles. 

Final Thoughts on the Different Scrubs Styles

As you can see, there are many different types of scrubs for nurses, doctors, surgeons, and other healthcare professionals. While some institutions have guidelines about the types of medical scrubs you have to wear, others allow you more freedom to choose a style you like.

When it comes to choosing between different styles of scrubs, it’s important to take the time to find scrubs that you’re comfortable in. A flattering cut, a style that suits your personality, and pockets in all the right places can go a long way toward making each shift that little bit easier.

At Poppy Scrubs, we have different styles of scrubs to choose from, with several cuts, many different sizes, and two separate pant lengths helping you customize your scrubs and find a set that you feel right at home in. 

Find your perfect scrubs at Poppy Scrubs and feel the difference a quality set of scrubs can make!

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