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How to Wash Scrubs in Washing Machine: Complete Guide to Washing Scrubs

How to Wash Scrubs in Washing Machine: Complete Guide to Washing Scrubs

Unlike a pair of jeans that you can wear again and again without washing, your scrubs should be cleaned each time you wear them. Keeping your scrubs fresh, hygienic, and looking clean is important in any professional healthcare setting, and also for your own comfort!

But what’s the best way to wash scrubs? Why do my scrubs smell after washing? Can you wash scrubs in hot water? In this guide, we’ll answer those questions and more. We’ll show you how to watch scrubs at home without shrinking, damaging, or making them less comfortable. 

Plus, we’ll show you where to find long-lasting, comfortable scrubs in a selection of flattering styles and vibrant colors. They’ll be your new favorites in no time! But first, join us as we explain how to wash scrubs for the first time. 

Do Nurses Wash Their Own Scrubs?

Do nurses wash their own scrubs? Often, yes. It depends on the specific healthcare setting, but most nurses choose to purchase and find the best way to wash scrubs for themselves. While some workplaces provide scrubs, they’re often uncomfortable, thin, and poorly made. 

For a nurse working long shifts, comfort is a top priority. It’s generally better to invest in a pair of scrubs with a flattering, comfortable fit, and take care of keeping them clean yourself. Not only do nurses wash their own scrubs, but many other healthcare workers choose to do the same. 

How Often to Wash Scrubs

So, what’s the best way to wash scrubs? The first step in learning how to clean scrubs properly is understanding how often you need to wash them. Let's explore how often to wash scrubs to keep them fresh, clean, and comfortable. 

Do You Wash Scrubs Every Day?

In healthcare, exposure to bodily fluids, pathogens, and other contaminants happens every day. As a result, washing your scrubs after each wear is highly recommended. Daily washing keeps you looking professional and also plays a crucial role in preventing the spread of infections.

Tips on Coming Up With a Scrubs Washing Routine

Of course, it’s hard to wash your scrubs every day if you’re also wearing them every day. When determining how often to wash scrubs, you also need to think about what’s practical based on your shift schedule. 

The easiest way to get around this is to invest in multiple sets of core scrubs so that you can cycle them frequently. You can also get into the habit of pre-treating any stains, so that they wash out easily and don’t require multiple attempts. 

How to Wash Scrubs At Home: Step-by-Step Guide to Washing Scrubs

Learning how to wash scrubs for the first time is pretty straightforward once you get the basics down. Here’s a quick guide on the best way to wash scrubs at home. 

Checking Labels for Specific Care Instructions

Before you start washing scrubs, make sure you check the care labels. Different fabrics may have specific care requirements, and manufacturers often provide guidelines to ensure the longevity of their specific products. 

Pay attention to recommended washing temperatures any special instructions for delicate fabrics. Can you wash scrubs with other clothes? Can you wash scrubs in washing machines? This info should also be detailed in the care instructions. 

Pre-Treating Stains and Addressing Odors

Part of learning how to clean scrubs is tackling stains. It’s important to pre-treat stains as early as possible so that they can’t set in the fabric. You can either use a commercial stain remover (test it on a small, inconspicuous area of fabric first) or a mixture of detergent and water.

Most odors should wash out when you wash your scrubs, as long as you’re using a suitable detergent. If you have a stubborn odor that won’t budge, you can try adding a cup of white vinegar to the wash, which may help to neutralize the odor. 

Can You Wash Scrubs in Washing Machine?

Can you wash scrubs in washing machines? It’s certainly a lot easier than handwashing them! Luckily, most scrubs can be safely washed in a washing machine. Wondering how to wash scrubs in washing machines? It’s pretty simple. 

Place the scrubs in the machine, making sure you don’t overload it. Use a mild detergent, preferably one that’s antimicrobial, and choose a suitable wash cycle based on the care label instructions for your specific scrubs. 

Can You Wash Scrubs in Hot Water?

Can you wash scrubs in hot water? Check the care labels to determine the recommended water temperature. In most cases, healthcare scrubs can be washed in warm water. However, avoid using hot water unless specified, as it may cause certain fabrics to shrink or colors to bleed.

Can You Wash Scrubs With Other Clothes?

Ok, and can you wash scrubs with other clothes? Generally, yes. But if your scrubs are particularly dirty, you may not want to wash them with your regular clothes. And, if your regular clothes are particularly dirty, you may not want to wash them with your work scrubs. 

As with your regular laundry, it’s a good idea to separate different color scrubs and your regular clothes based on color. Wash light-colored scrubs with other light-colored clothes, and do the same for your darker scrubs. 

Drying Tips After Washing Scrubs

After washing scrubs, tumble dry the scrubs on a low heat setting or according to the care label instructions. High heat may cause shrinkage or damage to certain fabrics. Remove the scrubs as soon as you can so that they don’t become wrinkly from staying in the dryer. 

Folding vs Hanging

Once you’re done washing scrubs, you can decide whether to fold or hang them. It depends on the type of storage space you have, and what you prefer. Folding your scrubs usually takes up less space, but hanging them prevents creases and makes it easier to grab them when you’re in a hurry. 

Post-Wash Care and Maintenance

Store your scrubs somewhere clean and dry (they’re usually fine with the rest of your clothes). Each time you’re done washing scrubs, inspect them for any lingering stains or odors before you put them away. If your scrubs get wrinkled, follow the care instructions for ironing. 

Why Do My Scrubs Smell After Washing?

Wait a second, why do my scrubs smell after washing? There could be several reasons for your scrubs developing an odor after you wash them, including: 

  • Residual stains or contamination that haven’t washed out properly
  • Not using enough detergent 
  • Overloading your washing machine
  • Washing in cold water
  • Insufficient drying

Also, some fabrics may be more prone to retaining odors, especially if they’re not cared for properly. Investing in expensive scrubs or luxury scrubs made from breathable, odor-resistant materials is the best way to make sure your scrubs don’t develop an odor after being washed. 

Do Scrubs Shrink in the Wash?

Do scrubs shrink in the wash? Nothing is more frustrating than finding the best fitting scrubs for petites, only for them to shrink after you wash them. But why does scrubs sizing change after washing, and what can you do about it? Here’s what you need to know. 

Identifying Fabrics Prone to Shrinking

The first thing to understand is that certain fabrics are more prone to shrinkage than others. So, what fabric are scrubs made of that causes shrinkage? Cotton, especially if not pre-shrunk, may experience shrinkage during the first few washes. 

Also, blends with high percentages of natural fibers are generally more prone to shrinking than synthetic materials or stretchy scrubs. So, what can you do to prevent your scrub pants for women from shrinking after being washed? And why do scrubs shrink in the wash to begin with?

Pre-Wash Treatments to Prevent Shrinking

The first step is to read the care label carefully to determine the best way to wash scrubs so that they don’t shrink. Use cold water, a gentle cycle, and go easy on the fabric softener as it can affect the elasticity of even the best women's scrubs

Also, try air drying your scrubs, as dryers can shrink your cute scrubs until they’re too tight to wear. For soft scrubs and fabrics prone to shrinkage, employing a steaming technique while gently stretching the fabric can help restore its original size. 

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Once you’ve found the best way to wash scrubs, it’s time to invest in premium, fashionable scrubs that will keep you comfortable day in, day out. At Poppy Scrubs, our flattering jogger scrubs and smart scrub tops for women are just what you’ve been waiting for!

Why Poppy Scrubs are the #1 Choice in Healthcare

Why do nurses wear scrubs from Poppy? Our waterproof scrubs are designed by a real nurse who understands exactly what healthcare workers need in their scrubs. Our mid-rise, no-slip yoga waistband is a game-changer, allowing you to bend and move in comfort. 

With a flattering style and cut (and plenty of different options to choose from), Poppy Scrubs will do great things for your confidence. You’ll be wearing scrubs in public not because you have to, but because you love the look and feel of our elite anti-wrinkle fabrics. 

Designed with functional pockets exactly where you need them, and made from breathable, 4-way stretch material, you don’t know how to look good in scrubs until you’ve tried on a pair of feather-soft Poppy Scrubs!

Our scrubs don’t just look and feel great, they’re designed to stand the test of time. They’ve gone through 10,000 hours of wear testing to make sure they can keep up with you and withstand the rigors of healthcare. Your money is well spent when you shop Poppy! 

Shop Our Most Popular Styles!

We have an incredible selection of colors to choose from, with something to suit every style. If your workplace has specific rules about scrub colors, we’ve got you covered! Our vibrant, no-fade colors include: 

Remember, if you’re learning how to wash scrubs for the first time, separate light from dark colors. Stock up on your favorite color, or try something bold and new to make a statement!

Final Thoughts on the Best Way to Wash Scrubs

So, now you know how to wash scrubs in washing machines! As you can see, caring for your scrubs is pretty simple as long as you follow the care instructions on the label. Just remember to pre-treat stains and dry your scrubs gently to avoid shrinkage. 

If you’re ready to invest in scrubs that will still look incredible, fit properly, retain their softness, and have vibrant colors even after you’ve washed them hundreds of times, you can find them right here at Poppy Scrubs! 

With the most comfortable fabrics imaginable, intelligent, practical pockets, flattering cuts, and plenty of cute colors to choose from, Poppy is your #1 choice for scrubs that you’ll feel great in. 

See the difference for yourself - find your new favorite Poppy Scrubs today! 

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