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What to Wear Under Scrubs for a Comfortable Fit

What to Wear Under Scrubs

Long hours are almost always part of the job description for healthcare workers. It’s so important to stay comfortable during those grueling night shifts or whenever you’re working a double, and your clothing plays a big role in that.

An outer layer of soft scrubs is a great start, but have you ever wondered what to wear under scrubs to stay as comfortable as possible? In this article, we’ll guide you through what to wear under your scrubs, laying out some options and ideas to keep you at ease at work.

With this info, you can focus on doing your job and delivering the best possible care for your patients, without dealing with discomfort on the job. And, if you’re looking for comfortable, premium scrubs that don’t need constant adjusting, get yours here at Poppy Scrubs! 

Do You Wear Clothes Under Scrubs?

First of all, do you wear clothes under scrubs? It really depends on your personal preferences, as well as any rules your workplace has in terms of uniforms. Some people prefer to layer up, adding an extra touch of personal style or warmth, while others choose not to.

If you do wear clothes under your core scrubs, moisture-wicking garments might be the go-to for some, ensuring a fresh and dry feel throughout the day. Others might rely on compression wear for added support during long shifts, or long-sleeve layers to stay warm in the cooler months. 

Why Does What You Wear Under Scrubs Matter?

Why is it important to carefully consider what to wear under scrubs? Your clothing choices can have a big impact on your workday. What you choose to wear beneath scrubs isn't just a matter of personal style - it can influence your comfort, your temperature regulation, and more, as we’ll explore next.

Impact on Overall Comfort

The layer closest to your skin can make or break your comfort throughout the day. Choosing breathable fabrics that suit your skin type and climate can prevent irritation and help you keep your full attention on the job. 

Moisture-wicking materials help manage perspiration, keeping you dry during intense moments or more active times. Plus, the right undergarments can provide important support, reducing the fatigue and muscle strain that can sometimes set in during long shifts.

Influence on Scrubs' Fit and Function

What you wear under your fashionable scrubs can also affect how they fit you. Ill-fitting undergarments can create awkward bulges or affect the drape of your uniform, potentially restricting your movements, making your scrubs feel too tight, or making you less comfortable. 

On the other hand, well-chosen underclothes can make your cute scrubs feel even better. If you’re wondering how to look good in scrubs, find underclothes that make your stretchy scrubs look even better, give you a streamlined silhouette, and help you feel confident on the job. 

Also, if your scrubs don’t fit perfectly, wearing something under them can help improve the fit. Many scrub tops for women are too loose around the neck, so an undershirt can help ensure your chest isn’t exposed whenever you’re moving or bending. 

How should scrubs fit, though? Ultimately, it’s up to you - your scrubs should fit in a way that helps you feel comfortable and secure at work, without being too tight or too loose. 

Maintaining Appropriate Temperature

Temperature regulation is vital in any work environment, especially in healthcare settings where conditions can vary widely. You’ll often have to change your under-layers based on the season - what to wear under scrubs in winter is not the same as what to wear under scrubs in summer. 

You can use your under-layers to help insulate you in the cooler months or to allow breathability in the warmer months. Many people think carefully about what to wear under scrubs in winter to stay warm, but may not wear clothes under their fitted scrubs during the summer.

What to Wear Under Scrubs in Different Seasons and Settings

It’s important to be versatile and have a few different options of what to wear under your scrubs, as different seasons and medical environments call for different solutions. Here are some ideas of what to throw on under your scrubs to stay as comfortable as possible in different settings. 

General Guidelines for All Seasons

Across all seasons, your number one priority should be your comfort. Opt for moisture-wicking materials to manage sweat, keeping you dry all shift. Seamless undergarments can prevent chafing, and soft materials almost always feel better against your skin.

What to Wear Under Scrubs in Winter

Wondering what to wear under scrubs in winter? In colder climates, layering becomes essential. Thermal underclothes or long-sleeved tops can provide added insulation without the bulk, ensuring you’re warm but can still move freely. 

Thin, warm materials that still provide breathability can help you retain heat, allow moisture to escape, and not restrict your movements or look bulky under your scrubs. 

What to Wear Under Scrubs in Summer

Do you wear clothes under scrubs in summer? Not everyone does - it usually comes down to whatever keeps you most comfortable. If you’re wondering what to wear under scrubs in summer, focus on breathability.

Lightweight, moisture-wicking fabrics like bamboo or certain synthetic blends can keep you cool and dry. Lighter colors like charcoal grey scrubs or light purple scrubs can also help to keep you cooler if you’re working or commuting in sunny areas, or wearing scrubs in public.

Do different color scrubs mean anything? Some facilities have specific scrubs colors for specific roles, with navy blue scrubs being one of the most common colors. Keep this in mind when deciding what to wear under your scrubs.

Tips for Specific Medical Settings: Operating Room Considerations, High-Activity Areas, and More

If you work in a specific medical setting like an OR, there may be directions from the facility that you have to follow regarding sterility and clothing. Make sure you understand the rules about what to wear underneath your scrubs for these specific settings. 

In general, seamless, non-porous undergarments can help you minimize the risk of contamination. If you’re working in high-activity areas, prioritize moisture management and consider compression wear for added support.

Get the Quality Scrubs You Deserve at Poppy Scrubs!

At Poppy Scrubs, we understand just how important it is to stay comfortable on the job. Our scrubs are designed by a nurse, ensuring they have all the features needed to keep healthcare workers comfortable and focused on more important things.

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Final Thoughts on What to Wear Under Scrubs

Choosing what to wear underneath your scrubs is an important decision, and it might take you some time to figure out what makes you most comfortable. The first step is finding soft, comfortable scrubs that help you breeze through every shift. 

At Poppy Scrubs, that’s exactly what we’ve done! Our functional scrubs are carefully designed down to the last stitch, ensuring you have exactly what you need in a pair of high-performance scrubs. 

From the best breathable materials to the precision pocket placement and our diverse fits and cuts, these scrubs are a game changer for healthcare professionals looking for an outfit that works as hard as they do.

Don’t settle for less - invest in yourself with quality, comfortable scrubs from Poppy! 

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