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Who Wears Green Scrubs? The Green Scrubs Meaning in Hospitals & Other Healthcare Settings

Who Wears Green Scrubs? Green Scrubs Meaning in Hospitals

If you’ve spent much time in any type of healthcare facility, you’ve probably seen a lot of green scrubs. If you work in healthcare yourself, you might even own green scrubs! Green is one of the most common colors of scrubs, but have you ever stopped to wonder why?

Who wears green scrubs in a hospital, and what do green scrubs mean? In this guide, we’ll explain what’s behind the green scrubs meaning, and who can wear this color of scrubs in healthcare. 

We’ll also show you where you can find the most comfortable, durable green scrubs imaginable. Here at Poppy Scrubs, we have some beautiful shades of green fashionable scrubs, and cuts to suit every style. Your new favorite soft scrubs are waiting just a click away! 

What Do Green Scrubs Mean? The Green Scrubs Meaning Explained

So, who wears green scrubs in a hospital, and why? Of course, there are many different shades of green scrubs. Let’s take a look at the light green scrubs meaning vs the dark green scrubs meaning, before discussing who wears green scrubs. 

What Do Green Scrubs Mean in General?

The origins of green scrubs can be traced back to a practical solution for surgeons. Initially introduced to reduce eye strain during prolonged surgical procedures, the color green in a healthcare setting has come to embody a sense of calm, balance, and focus.

Studies suggest that the color green has a soothing effect on both healthcare professionals and patients. In the high-stakes environment of healthcare, where stress and anxiety can run high, the calming influence of green scrubs contributes to a reassuring atmosphere.

Green scrubs have also become a visual marker of the medical profession - they’re sometimes seen as “the” scrubs color. They signify a collective identity among healthcare professionals and reinforce a sense of unity within the diverse roles that make up any healthcare team. 

Variances in the Green Scrubs Meaning Across Different Shades

There are lots of different shades of green scrubs, from surgical green scrubs and hunter green scrubs to forest green scrubs, dark green scrubs, and emerald green scrubs. So what’s the light green scrubs meaning vs the dark green scrubs meaning?

In some medical institutions, dark green waterproof scrubs are reserved for surgeons, while surgical nurses and support staff wear lighter green scrubs. In other facilities without specific guidelines on scrub colors, staff are free to wear scrubs in their shade of choice. 

Who Wears Green Scrubs in the Healthcare Field? 

So, now that we’ve discussed the light green scrubs meaning vs the dark green scrubs meaning, who wears green scrubs in a hospital and other healthcare settings? Let’s take a look at which medical professionals often find themselves clad in those classic green stretchy scrubs

Surgeons and Surgical Staff

The most iconic association with green scrubs lies within the field of surgery. Surgeons, as well as their assistants and support staff, commonly wear green scrubs. Originally to reduce eye strain, green is now favored for its ability to hide stains and promote calm.

What color scrubs do nurses wear in surgery? In facilities that use green scrubs to designate surgeons, surgical nurses are almost always wearing green scrubs as well. Sometimes their scrubs will be identical to the surgeon’s, while other facilities use different shades of green to distinguish roles. 

Specialized Technicians

Beyond the surgical suite, specialized technicians in fields such as radiology, pathology, and diagnostic imaging often don green core scrubs. This is sometimes a requirement of the facility, and other times just a popular choice among these professionals. 

After all, if you’re wondering how to look good in scrubs or how to wear scrubs fashionably, a pair of flattering, dark green premium scrubs is a great place to start. It’s an easy color to figure out what to wear under scrubs, and works well with most skin tones. 

Emergency Room (ER) Staff

In the fast-paced and unpredictable setting of the ER, green scrubs are commonly worn by emergency physicians, nurses, and support staff. The color's calming influence becomes particularly valuable in this high-stress environment.

For ER staff in particular, those long, stressful shifts mean that it’s essential to invest in luxury scrubs that make your job easier. For the most comfort, what material are scrubs made of? Opt for stretchy, moisture-wicking scrubs to keep you fresh, clean, and comfortable all shift long. 

Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Staff

Healthcare professionals working in ICU, where patients require vigilant monitoring and specialized care, often choose green scrubs. The color aligns with the need for a serene environment, and makes it easy for patients and families to quickly identify healthcare workers. 

Support and Ancillary Services

The use of green scrubs extends beyond clinical roles to encompass support and ancillary services. This includes administrative staff, housekeeping, and other personnel integral to the smooth functioning of healthcare institutions. 

Why You Should Have Green Scrubs in Your Workplace Wardrobe Regardless of Your Role

We’ve already mentioned that classic green scrubs are flattering, hide stains, and make it easy to identify healthcare workers - it’s the iconic color we’re used to seeing in healthcare settings and even on our favorite medical TV dramas!

Green scrubs are also a great choice if you’re wearing scrubs in public, as shades of green tend to look classy, and can easily be paired with white or black shoes, undershirts, and jackets. And, if you know how to wash scrubs, you’ll know that green is an easy color to deal with! 

Why do nurses wear scrubs in green? Most commonly, nurses choose green because it’s practical, iconic, and flattering. Whether you’re looking for the best fitting scrubs for petites (learn how should scrubs fit here) or the best scrubs for women with curves, green is a great staple.

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If your facility isn’t strict about the scrubs color you wear, invest in a few different options to keep your outfits fresh and to brighten the days of those around you! 

Final Thoughts on Who Wears Green Scrubs

That’s a wrap on our guide to green scrubs - hopefully we’ve been able to shed some light on what it means when you see someone walking around in green scrubs! While most commonly worn by surgeons and surgical staff, green scrubs are a popular choice among many healthcare professionals. 

Green scrubs are not just iconic, they’re also flattering, practical, great at hiding spills and stains, and easy to keep clean. So, next time you’re in the market for a fresh pair of scrubs, pick up a classic green pair! 

At Poppy Scrubs, we have green scrubs for women, available in a range of shades, shapes, and cuts. Find scrubs that actually fit properly, don’t need constant adjusting, are built with function in mind, and keep you looking great even on the roughest days. 

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