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Best Jogger Scrubs for Women in 2024

Best Jogger Scrubs for Women

It’s always important to be comfortable at work, but it’s especially important in healthcare, where the physical and mental demands of the job can both be extreme. A comfy pair of scrubs can make all the difference, and jogger scrubs tend to be one of the comfiest styles out there!

That said, finding the right pair of jogger scrubs isn’t always a breeze. They have to be the right length, have just the right amount of stretch, and be durable enough to withstand everything you throw at them. 

In this guide, we’ll explain why jogger scrubs are our new favorite style, and give you an idea of what to look for in the best jogger style scrubs. If you don’t want the whole story, we’ll spoil the surprise right here - you can find the best jogger scrubs for women here at Poppy Scrubs! 

Keep reading to learn what sets our jogger scrubs apart, what our customers have to say about them, and why you’ll never look back after trying on your first pair of Poppy Scrubs! 

Why We Love Jogger Style Scrubs

First of all, what’s so good about jogger style scrubs in the first place? If you’re yet to jump on the jogger train, here are a few of the reasons why you should embrace the cuff and make joggers your core scrubs

Comfort and Flexibility

Traditional scrubs often lack the flexibility and ease of movement necessary for the dynamic demands of healthcare work. However, jogger style scrubs address this issue head-on by incorporating stretchy, moisture-wicking fabrics that move with your body. 

The tapered leg design eliminates excess fabric, preventing tripping hazards while allowing for free movement. Whether you’re bending, reaching, or rushing between patient rooms, the comfort and flexibility of jogger scrubs lets you perform at your best without feeling restricted.

Trendy and Stylish

Gone are the days of the one-size-fits-none scrubs! The best jogger scrubs for women have revolutionized the aesthetic of healthcare apparel, infusing premium scrubs with modern styles and sporty, more casual designs. 

With sleek silhouettes, vibrant colors, and modern detailing, these cute scrubs give you a chance to express your personal style while maintaining a polished and professional appearance. 

Whether you’re in the hospital, clinic, or on the go, you can confidently make a fashion statement without compromising on functionality. And, if you’re wearing scrubs in public after a shift, the best jogger scrubs are the perfect casual, comfortable choice. 

Suitability for Various Body Types

Whether you’re looking for the best fitting scrubs for petites or the best scrubs for women with curves, jogger style scrubs are a great choice. The elastic waistbands and adjustable drawstrings ensure a customized fit for everyone, ending the struggle of scrubs that just don’t fit. 

The tapered leg design creates a streamlined look that flatters just about every body shape, keeping you comfortable and confident on the job, regardless of your size or stature. If you’re just not quite sure how to look good in scrubs, try the best jogger scrubs for women! 

What Separates the Best Women’s Jogger Scrubs From the Rest?

There are lots of different types of scrubs out there, but not all bring the quality, comfort, and style you’re looking for. So how do you separate the contenders from the pretenders? Here’s what to look for in the best jogger style scrubs. 

Material Quality: Softness, Stretch, and Durability

The first thing you need to look at is what material scrubs are made of. The best jogger style scrubs use a blend of soft, breathable fabrics that provide constant comfort throughout those long, stressful shifts. 

Look for waterproof scrubs crafted from high-performance materials that offer ample stretch and flexibility, allowing for unrestricted movement without compromising durability. These scrubs should also be resistant to fading, shrinking, and wrinkling, maintaining their pristine appearance wash after wash.

Range of Available Sizes and Fits

A big part of learning how to wear scrubs fashionably is starting with fashionable scrubs that fit right. And it’s impossible to do that if your scrubs aren’t available in a range of sizes and fits to accommodate different body types. The best jogger style scrubs understand this, and have a lot of sizes to choose from. 

But wait a second, how should scrubs fit, exactly? It’s entirely up to you! As long as they’re not uncomfortably tight or unprofessionally baggy, you can choose any fit that leaves you feeling confident and comfortable. 

Color and Pattern Options

While stretchy scrubs need to be functional above all else, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice some flair! The best women’s jogger scrubs come in a huge selection of colors and patterns, allowing you to express yourself while sticking to your workplace’s dress codes. 

Some institutions have strict rules about which color of scrubs must be worn by different employees, while others have a more relaxed approach and let you choose your own colors. Make sure you understand your workplace’s rules before you buy your scrubs! 

Learn more about who wears green scrubs, who wears black scrubs, and what color scrubs do nurses wear in our other guides. And keep these tips on how to wash scrubs handy to make sure your colorful scrubs stay vibrant even after hundreds of washes! 

Innovative Design Elements: Water Resistance, Pockets, and More

Are scrubs waterproof? The best ones certainly are! Water-resistant scrubs repel stains and spills, keeping you clean and comfortable during even the messiest shifts. Moisture-wicking scrubs also ensure you stay comfortable and dry on the job.

Pockets are also an incredibly important feature of your scrubs. The best women’s jogger scrubs have deep, reinforced pockets exactly where you need them, keeping your supplies conveniently on hand without spilling the contents every time you bend. 

Value for the Money

If you find yourself wondering why scrubs are so expensive, it’s possible that you’re not getting good value for money. The best women’s jogger scrubs aren’t necessarily the most expensive - you have to find that sweet spot between quality and cost. 

To make sure you’re getting value, buy durable scrubs that won’t need replacing. Cheap scrubs may seem like a better deal up-front, but if they’re wearing out every few months, you’ll end up spending much more in the long run. 

Brand Reputation

Finally, the reputation of the brand behind the scrubs speaks volumes about their quality and reliability. Opt for scrubs from reputable brands you trust. Read reviews from other customers - you should soon be able to see whether or not you’ve found the best women’s jogger scrubs. 

Introducing the Best Jogger Scrubs for Women in 2024

So, we’ve explained what to look for in comfortable, luxury scrubs, but where can you actually find the best women’s jogger scrubs? They’re right here at Poppy Scrubs - our Hatton jogger is the #1 pick of jogger style soft scrubs

What Makes the Poppy Scrubs Hatton Jogger the #1 Choice Online?

Our Hatton jogger instantly becomes everyone’s favorite scrub pants. Available in a great range of vibrant, fade-proof colors, these scrubs look as good as they feel. You’ll find the fit accommodating, with five different sizes to choose from and two different leg lengths! 

Our Hatton jogger, just like all Poppy Scrubs, is designed by a nurse who understands what it takes to make functional, comfortable scrubs. We start with the best, softest, most breathable, water-resistant material - it has 4-way stretch for comfort all shift long. 

These sporty, athletic scrub pants for women have a flattering, no-slip mid-rise yoga waistband and a secure drawstring - no more constantly adjusting your pants on the job! They also feature six reinforced pockets - you’ll have more storage space than you could ever have dreamed of! 

Most importantly, our scrubs are built to last. We make sure you’re getting value for your money by subjecting our scrubs to 10,000 hours of wear testing, ensuring they have what it takes to keep up with you and won’t need replacing. 

As far as jogger style scrubs go, you won’t find a more comfortable, durable, stylish pair anywhere else. Our Hatton jogger has become an instant fan favorite - you may even want to wear them on your days off! 

See What Other Women in Healthcare Had to Say…

“Although I like the look of joggers, I have never found one that fit well....until now. These fit beautifully and are very comfortable. The crotch doesn't hang low like a lot of styles. There's just enough stretch but not so much that they bag during the day. I'm so glad I tried Poppy!” - BooV

“I could not love these joggers more! For someone kinda thick, I have the skinniest ankles. This is the first pair of joggers I have found that does not bag around my ankles. I love the length and the form-fitting lower leg. And I like the fabric.” - Cynthia

“These are the most comfortable joggers ever. Sooo soft around the waist, stretchy, built for all kinds of abuse and they just refuse to budge. I’m definitely gonna need them in every color of the rainbow.” - F

“I love how these fit. Have tried different brands of joggers and with me being a bit larger and short even the petite joggers are too long. These fit me perfectly” - Brittney

“I truly love these joggers. They’re the only scrub bottoms I want to wear. They’re super soft and have held up after many, many wears and washes. Extremely comfortable, would highly recommend!!” - Ashley

Find Your Color Below!

Our Hatton jogger is available in an incredible selection of fade-proof colors - they’ll stay vibrant even after hundreds of wash cycles! Choose from all the traditional scrubs colors or try some more unique shades, we have it all!  

We also have premium scrub tops for women to match, available in the same incredible color range and several different cuts. 

Other Brands That Make Jogger Scrubs to Consider

Of course, we know Poppy Scrubs aren’t the only joggers out there, but we’re still confident our scrubs are the best. If you want to compare quality, value, and customer reviews, here are some other brands with jogger style scrubs you can browse. 


Jaanuu has a few different jogger style scrub pants, including a high-waisted option. While they do offer a selection of colors to choose from, these might not work if you’re on the taller side - many reviews mention that they hit too high up on the ankle for anyone with long legs. 


Cherokee scrubs are affordable, but sometimes lacking in quality. While they have multiple jogger styles to choose from, the fit isn’t as flattering as it could be, and there are no back pockets on these ones. 


Dickies also has a few different jogger style pants to choose from, but these ones are hard to buy online. Most reviewers mention that the sizing is confusing (these are available in three different lengths and 10 different sizes) and that they tend to run at least a whole size too big. 

Healing Hands

Healing Hands has around 10 different styles of jogger scrubs to choose from, but some are only available in limited qualities. If they do happen to have the right size and color combo for you, this is a good option, though on the slightly more expensive side. 


Wink also has a large number of jogger style scrubs to choose from, but this brand has the lowest overall ratings of all the options on this list. Customers feel that the fabric is cheap (and in some cases see-through), the sizing is off, and the scrubs are generally uncomfortable. 

Wrapping Up Our Guide to the Best Jogger Scrubs in 2024

So, that wraps up our guide on the best jogger scrubs for 2024! While there are a number of brands offering jogger scrubs, you won’t find better quality, comfort, style, or functionality than Poppy Scrubs. 

Our best-selling Hatton jogger is available in two different lengths and a range of different sizes, as well as an incredible selection of fade-proof colors. You’ll feel stylish, confident, and comfortable through even the longest shift, just like everyone else who wears Poppy Scrubs! 

Your job is hard enough without dealing with uncomfortable, unflattering clothes at work. Treat yourself to a pair of joggers from Poppy Scrubs - you’ll wonder why you waited so long!

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