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Women's Grape Scrubs


Poppy Scrubs Tops XS The Wilder

The Wilder

8 colors
Poppy Scrubs Bottoms XS / Regular The Hatton Jogger
Available in Tall
Poppy Scrubs Bottoms XS / Regular The Bodie
Available in Tall

The Bodie

8 colors
Poppy Scrubs Bottoms XS / Regular The Pfeiffer Slim
Available in Tall
Poppy Scrubs Tops XS The Caswell

The Caswell

8 colors
Purple scrubs fabric close up

Infuse your professional ensemble with a touch of distinction through our grape scrubs, a perfect blend of style, comfort, and practicality!

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Look Great, Feel Better in Our Grape Scrubs Tops and Bottoms!

Are you tired of settling for standard-issued scrubs in the healthcare setting? You’re not alone. In fact, almost all healthcare professionals will at some point realize that these garments seem to have been designed with little thought for the people wearing them. 

Scratchy fabrics, unflattering fits, and a severe lack of functionality are the norm. These are the scrubs that have defined the hospital corridors and clinics for too long. 

But what if your workwear could be as dynamic and vibrant as the environment you work in? Enter Poppy Scrubs grape-colored scrubs. Our women’s luxury scrubs are not just a breath of fresh air but a complete reinvention of what scrubs can be.

“These are my favorite scrubs! They are super soft and fit perfect. I love all of the pockets. I can’t wait for more colors!” - Rebecca

“I have never been able to find comfortable scrubs. Poppy scrubs are not only comfortable, but when you squat down the waistband stays put! It’s amazing! Want as many pairs as possible!” - Rita

“The softest and best fitting scrubs I've ever owned! LOVE them!” - Bailey

Why You Need Our Grape-Colored Scrubs in Your Workplace Wardrobe

Our grape scrubs are designed not just to fit you, but to fit the way you work. These are comfortable scrubs created by healthcare professionals, for healthcare professionals. 

Every element, from the non-slip yoga waistband to the strategically placed, zippered pockets, is there to make your day easier, more efficient, and yes, more stylish. They’ve been tested for up to 10,000 hours in the most demanding environments to ensure they can withstand the test of time.

Not only are these a great long-term investment, but they’ll immediately deliver benefits in terms of comfort. Our soft scrubs are designed to keep you cool under pressure, with a breathable fabric that makes those long shifts a bit more bearable.

These stretchy scrubs mirror your every move throughout the day with a 4-way fabric stretch. They even pass the squat test, so you don’t have to stress about what’s going to happen when you bend down!

Plus, the liquid-repellent fabric means spills and splashes are no longer a concern with these waterproof scrubs. The reinforced pockets ensure your essentials are always safe and sound. We’ve thought of it all in designing our core scrubs! What more could you ask for?

Get Your Grape Scrubs Today and Discover the Difference Firsthand!

Every day brings new challenges in the dynamic, chaotic world of healthcare. Your comfort and performance don’t have to be left to chance. With our comfortable, cute scrubs, you can set yourself up for success day after day.

While we love our grape-colored scrubs, this is just the tip of the iceberg at Poppy Scrubs. You can round out your work wardrobe with a wide variety of other styles while you’re at it. Here are some of our most popular:

Whether you’re looking for grape women's scrub pants or grape women’s scrub tops, you can rest assured the perfect set is waiting to be discovered here on this page. So, dress to impress, and perform at your best with our grape scrubs - the perfect blend of style, comfort, and functionality!

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