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Why do Nurses Wear V-Neck Scrub Tops?

Why do Nurses Wear V-Neck Scrub Tops?

What is the reason behind v-neck scrubs?

Have you ever wondered why today’s scrubs mostly come in v-neck designs? Well, we’ve taken time to find out why. Besides functionality, there are numerous reasons why scrubs are better with a v-neck.

THEY'RE EASIER TO PUT ON. Whether you're getting ready in the morning, or in an emergency situation, the v-neck makes it easier to get your head out of the neck opening. If you're mornings are anything like mine (getting ready in the dark so I don't wake my boyfriend), you'll be thankful for the ease of getting this v-neck on. The v-neck hole is large enough to get your head through, yet small enough to limit body exposure, keeping you looking good and professional. 

AND TAKE OFF... After a long day, you have germs all over you, especially on your chest. Taking your scrub top off over your head (and against your face) can expose you to those germs. Ew! V-neck tops have a wider neck and are easier to take off without touching your face and spreading germs. 

BECAUSE, FASHION. Scrubs with v-neck have become popular due to the slimming nature of the diagonal lines. This gets people’s attention to follow those lines wherever they go, it draws attention to the wearer’s face elongating the upper body (especially for women). Shouldn't we look good while we save lives?

THEY LOOK GOOD ON EVERYONE. medical professionals come in all shapes and sizes, and v-neck scrubs are flattering on everyone. Whether tall or short, small or large, male or female v-neck scrubs are flattering on all body types and sizes. 

At Poppy Scrubs, we know your scrubs have to withstand a lot of wear and tear. That’s why we launched women’s scrubs in eight of the most popular colors found in healthcare facilities: charcoalburgundyceil blueroyal bluehunter greennavypurple, and black. Our tops come in two styles and our bottoms come in three, including the popular jogger style. Go ahead and complete the set!

Our scrubs are made from soft, flexible fabric that's also liquid repellent and comes equipped with plenty of pockets to store what you need. They’re designed by real nurses, for any caretaking profession. Read our rave reviews here.

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