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The benefits of wearing compression socks

Being a nurse is a stressful job. Most of your time is spent on your feet, sometimes for 8 or up to 12 hours. This is exhausting, and can be bad for your health. Compression socks help to mitigate this health problem. 

Reduction of pain in the legs and feet. I’m sure you’ve experienced pain in your legs after standing for a long period of time. Compression socks can help. The socks make it easier for the veins to return blood to the heart, and fresh oxygenated blood to circulate to the legs and feet. Improved circulation will also remove lactic acid from the muscles thereby keeping the legs and feet healthy even after a long period of standing. Lactic acid is what makes our muscles sore. (Lactic acid is a bi-product of aerobic respiration of the cells- when they don't get enough oxygen) 

Prevention of swelling and the dreaded Varicose Veins. Standing (or sitting) for long periods of time can cause blood to pool in the legs (it has to work harder against gravity to get back to your heart). Varicose veins occur when there is increased pressure in the veins (remember- the high pressure system is made up of arteries, and the venous system should be low pressure). There are valves in the veins to help the blood to travel in the correct direction. When the veins are under high pressure, sometimes these valves can be damaged and cause an accumulation of blood in the veins.

While all this is happening inside the body, you might see enlarged twisted veins on the outside. Your legs might also feel heavy, hurt, or itch. Wearing compression socks can help prevent this from happening. Since nurses rarely get the time to sit down and put their feet up (ya, right!), compression socks can hug your legs and assist with blood return to the heart. Worth it. 

Some people even wear compression socks on long flights to prevent swelling! Treat your feet, you really cant go wrong. 

It helps with muscle recovery.  Again, that lactic acid. Wearing compression socks (even after your shift ends) aids in the re-uptake of lactic acid, and helps relieve pain and tiredness and aid in muscle recovery. 

With padding and support in all the right places, poppy compression socks are built to help prevent pain, varicose veins, and aid in muscle recovery. Your feet will thank you. 

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