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Pro-tips on wearing scrubs that fit and work well

If you’re looking to change your professional wardrobe as a health practitioner or you need some genuine advice to give to a friend or junior colleague who just got employed, we’ve taken out time to outline a guide that works. In this post, you’ll find out little tips to keep in mind about what’s appropriate for you when it comes to wearing scrubs in the workplace.

All sizes are not always equal

This is something you must always remember. Knowing your own size doesn’t mean that all brands have their scrubs of your size strictly cut on the same measurement. If you make assumptions based on size, you might end up buying scrubs that are too tight and uncomfortable. Even if you’re very slim, putting on scrubs that are very tight is not appropriate and does not communicate professionalism.

On the other hand, scrubs that are oversized or baggy are not flattering either. Therefore, it is important to discover for yourself, the right brands that design their tops and pants according to your body size or type. Scrub fits can vary from one manufacturer to the other, if you discover that the appropriate size for you on a particular brand is too big or too small, the best thing to do would be to check other brands until you get what perfectly fits your body type.

Avoid wearing white scrubs with shouty or patterned undergarments

If you find yourself working as a nurse in hospitals that require white scrubs, it is important to know the right thing to wear underneath them to avoid embarrassing moments. Patterned or shouty colored undergarments have a way of announcing their presence when worn under white scrubs. Therefore, your best bet will be to wear skin-toned undergarments. Find underwear matching your skin color and wear them whenever you’re putting on a white scrub.

Get flare designed pants if you prefer them

Imagine wearing a pant with cut slits up to the seam to make them look flare, they’ll look like a home sewing gone wrong. Avoid the temptation of cutting the straight leg pants you have. If you want a flared bottom for your pants, go for those designed that way.

Avoid rolling your pants on the waist

At times people unknowingly roll their pants on the waist to create a “low-waist” look. This gets awkward quickly. Being a nurse involves a lot of movement, bending and transferring lifting and I’m sure you wouldn’t want to have your bare skin exposed while in any of these positions. So, try to avoid doing this to keep yourself covered.

Wear thin layered tees to avoid discomfort

If you’re allergic to cold or need protection from the air conditioning if your workplace is cold, consider wearing a long-sleeved tee underneath your scrub top. However, make sure that the tee is thin enough to avoid a feeling of discomfort while on duty.

Reduce the intensity of your perfumes or cologne

Perfume fragrances can be disturbing for some patients especially ones waking up from anesthesia or people allergic to strong smells (given that it’s a public place). Therefore, it’s important to keep your cologne and perfumes minimal. Do not wear very strong types to avoid making your patients uncomfortable with your presence.

With the few tips above, you can be sure to know what’s going to work best for you and those in your care.

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