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March 05, 2020 2 min read

In this post, we’ve taken time to outlines some general characteristics of our various scrub fits to give you a better idea of how to get the work style you've been looking for. 

Straight Leg Pants. What we think of as more of a "boot cut" style. These pants are a little looser fitting, and some styles might hug the hips and waist. They usually flare out at the bottom, and will drape over your shoes and to the ground. This is a more traditional fit, and what most people are accustomed to. They are flattering and functional, and will keep you comfortable all day. 

At poppy scrubs, our bode bottoms are slim in the hips and waist, mid-rise, and flattering on all body types. They're also super soft, and have 10 highly functional pockets for maximum carrying capacity. 

Skinny Leg Pants. Skinny fit scrubs are very similar to traditional scrubs, but skinny scrubs have more of a tapered leg, and are more fitted through the thighs and hips. A skinny fit allows for a more modern and fashionable fit, with a more fitted feel. Some skim fit scrubs might sit a little lower on the hips, and have a more professional and less "pajama" feel. 

Poppy is in the process of developing the perfect slim fit pant. Made from super-soft fabric, and a mid-rise fit with a no roll waistband and drawstring. Cause you shouldn't have to focus on pulling your pants up. 


Joggers. Joggers are an even more fashion forward option. Jogger pants will be built a lot like the skinny leg pant, but the bottom of the pant will come together in a tighter taper, and end with a cuff at the ankle. Some jogger pants may have an even lower fit, although it depends on the brand. Some hospitals will not let you wear jogger pants, because they are a bit more casual, so check with your hospital policy first!


Mens. Don't worry, we didn't forget about you! All of the above styles can be purchased in men's or women's. Just make sure when you're shopping you pay attention to who they're made for. Women's scrubs will be smaller and a bit of a tighter fit. 

Scrubs are first and foremost about comfort and functionality. If you feel comfortable in your clothes, you will feel better (and in turn, look better too!).